Where to watch the Final Four in the Gloucester Twp. Region


GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP — The NCAA men’s basketball season is winding down, but some restaurants and bars in the Gloucester Township area are gearing up to show the final four games to customers.

Not everyone is going to see the tournament final in person.

Some have watched past Final Four tournaments from the comfort of their homes, as longtime Rutgers Football season ticket holder and Medford resident Anita R. did amid the pandemic, even though a a limited number of fans were able to view these matches live, and thousands more did so from restaurants. and bars.

“I always knew about March Madness, but I never followed it until 2021,” she told Patch. “Watching the Rutgers men’s basketball team play was a nice diversion. of life – school, work, pandemic, etc. It has become a family event. watching the games at home on TV and has become something fun to do with our teenage son.”

Anita added that following the team’s activity on Twitter before, during and after the game increases the excitement of watching games, even when the team is losing.

However, if you’d like to watch the final four games of the men’s college basketball season this year, we’ve provided details of a few of these locations in and around Gloucester Township below:

  • The Village Pub: You can catch the semi-finals and live music simultaneously on Saturdays, according to this pub’s Facebook page.
  • Skeeter’s Pub: This pub from Blackwood’s Facebook page says it has a family atmosphere every day.
  • The Lamp Post Diner: There are a few TVs in this Blackwood restaurant and, according to its Facebook page, quite a few pastries too.
  • Seven Star Diner: This Sewell restaurant’s Facebook page says it has a lounge for watching games on Saturday and Monday.
  • Victory Sports Bar and Grill: According to the Facebook page of this West Berlin bar and grill, this is another place where you can watch the semi-finals and listen to live music at the same time on Saturdays.

The men’s college basketball semifinals are on Saturday night and the finals on Monday.


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