Where do locals say there’s live music in Kansas City?


ImpressiveHail New Orleans may be the best jazz city in the country, but Kansas City comes in close to second.

The relationship between KC and this genre dates back to the Age of Prohibition. At the time, the city ignored regulations and continued to serve alcohol, especially in bars with live music. Kansas City jazz legends such as Count Basie, Joe Turner and Charlie Parker wowed audiences on stage on 12th Avenue and in the now historic 18th & Vine Jazz District. Nickname “Paris on the plains”.

Kansas City is still fertile ground for musicians of all genres, from jazz to indie rock to hip hop. In fact, visitors looking for real KC culture often miss out on live music when in town. “Kanzas City has many sites and I’ve visited them all,” said radio host Chris Hagillian. Eight One Sixty Celebrate new music from local musicians and bands. “The music that plays every night at KC tells our story.”

Hagilian was born in Missouri and has lived in Kansas City since 1999. In the middle of the Ticket Festival, a music and film festival that takes place every June. If anyone knows the music scene in this city, it’s him, so I asked them for advice on where to see the show. It features the best jazz clubs, blues bars, concert halls and more that it has selected.

A place to listen to jazz in Kansas City

KC has more than 40 halls which regularly play jazz. 18th & Vine The historic jazz district and beyond. According to Hagirian, the two most popular clubs are conveniently located next to the Cross Rose Arts District; Green Lady Lounge and Chorni Deriheru, Green Lady is open daily for up to four acts per night, while Black Dolphin is usually only open on weekends. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot for Green Lady, Hagilian recommends that you take a look at the basement that houses the Orion Room, one of Kansas City’s best-kept secrets. It is more intimate than the second floor and allows the development of intimate and personal relationships with the musicians.

Another of his favorite places to listen to jazz is the Blue Room, located in the American Jazz Museum. This room is part of the exhibition, part of the jazz club, with a multifaceted exhibition of many musicians who have contributed to the creation of “Kansas City Jazz” and regularly of the best talents of local and national jazz. There are shows. “Even the table here acts like a time capsule, with memories under the glass top,” Hagirian explains.

Where you can hear the Kansas City blues

Hagirian has a proven track record of experience in Kansas City in front of six stages in multiple buildings. “There’s always someone playing Knuckle Heads and I don’t know who I’m going to meet,” he said when Tom Morello joined Steve Earle from Rage Against the Machine. I remembered.

I arrive late at night Mutual Musicians Foundation It’s a place to be. Opened by the Union of African American Musicians in 1917, the National Historic Landmark is a great place to enjoy a jam session. “Musicians walk around with guitars, horns, harmonica and drumsticks and sit in jams all night,” Hagirian explains.

Where to see local bands in Kansas City

According to Hagirian, many of the best places for local bands are in the Cross Rose Arts District. And the BrickWestport Record Bar also has some great venues, including: Riot Room and Westport Saloon “All of these venues always have KC numbers. Stop while you’re in town. Have the chance to accompany your new favorite band and tell a great story when you get home. You can do it, ”he says. He also swears to enjoy more of the latest local music on a small, intimate stage. Rino Located in northern Kansas City.

Kaufman Center is where great musicians perform when they come to Kansas City.

Big concert halls in Kansas City


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