The Story Behind ASAP Rocky’s Rihanna Statue Ring in ‘DMB’ Video


The music video for ASAP Rocky’s long-awaited single “DMB” features plenty of romantic moments with Rihanna. And while many have sprung images of everyone’s favorite couple making their wedding vows with a pair of Dolly Cohen grills, avid jewelry fans might have spotted a beautiful ring Rocky wore that sports a full statue of a special woman in her life. While not as big as the ostentatious gold eagle statue wrist gloves that Ghostface Killah wore, it certainly fits the vibe of a rapper we all know as “Pretty Flacko. “. The ring Rocky wore in the video was made from 130 grams of 18-karat gold and just over five carats of round brilliant white diamonds.

It turns out that the two-finger gold ring was produced by one of ASAP Rocky’s most trusted jewelers: Jason Arasheben, better known as Jason of Beverly Hills. The Los Angeles-based jeweler has been in the business for 20 years and has also produced jewelry for Micheal Jackson and Drake. However, he attests that Rocky is one of his most creative clients.

“He is still a pioneer. He’s not one of those guys who sits down and says, “Okay, well, because everybody’s wearing Cuban ties, I’m going to wear a Cuban tie,” Arasheben told Complex. “In fact, he thinks outside the box and wants to show his individuality. He wants to think differently and it’s always nice to work with people like that. Because as a jeweler, it gets pretty boring when everyone comes in and asks for the exact same thing.

We spoke to Arasheben to find out more about how the ring in “DMB” came together, the story behind other jewelry he made for ASAP Rocky, and the first pieces he made for rappers like Missy Elliott and Lil Jon.


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