The “Don’t Look” Costume Designer on Jonah Hill’s Fake Richard Mille and Timothée Chalamet’s Mullet Obsession


The Richard Mille isn’t the only fake luxury item Hill wears, either. “At one point, [Hill] really wanted to have a Hermès [Birkin] purse, ”says Matheson. “It was also a problem in terms of insurance. So I found this handbag and the handbag he wears in the movie for $ 38 on Amazon. And so I have her fitting and I’m like, ‘Oh, I have to tell Jonah this won’t be a real Hermès bag,’ so I hand the bag to him. He looks at it and says, “This is great,” and I say, “Well, you know, it’s not Hermes, it’s $ 38 from Amazon,” and he says, “It’s better. . “

Niko Tavernise / Netflix

Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Dibiasky

Lawrence’s character undergoes a transformation similar to that of DiCaprio. “When she plays Kate Dibiasky, she starts out as a real college student – she wears a drab olive Schott parka and lots of vintage sweaters,” says Matheson. “She wears these amazing combat boots that were made for her by this company in Italy, in a small village called Moma, like the Museum of Modern Art.”

“And [Lawrence] also has this arc of having a makeover where she starts to dress so that she can impress the audience. Matheson explains. “But as she gets kicked out of this world and then has to go home, she starts dressing more and more punk. And so she’s wearing this amazing leopard print faux fur jacket. She really starts off. wearing things that look like they’re from a thrift store that take her completely away from the White House world.

Kid Cudi as DJ Chello

Kid Cudi, who tries to encourage the world to To look for through a performance with Ariana Grande, was a natural, according to Matheson. He’s wearing a piece from Giorgio Armani’s ski line that comes straight from a photoshoot in the mountains. “Because I was desperate to get it right away, he arrived with alpine dirt still on my boots [from the photoshoot]”, Says Matheson. “If I had brought a sample to a lab, I could have told which mountain range they had turned into.”

Unsurprisingly, Cudi was successful in editing. “I get everyone in my fittings to be character, so I say to Scott, ‘Scott, could you do me a favor? Could you just perform in this outfit to see if it will work for you? “Said Matheson. “So these decent photos that he goes down and he plays and these are the most amazing pictures. And he’s walking like he’s on a catwalk, so finally I say to Scott, “Did you used to model?” And he said, “Yeah, kinda… teenage years, models from Barbizon, Cleveland.” I looked at him and said, ‘I knew that.’ Because he was like the best person I have ever photographed. I was thinking, ‘Yeah, Scott, you could be in GQ Magazine. “He’s probably been in GQ before, hasn’t he? [He definitely has.] But I thought, ‘You might just be a role model.’ “

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