The Disney Channel Show star talks about a possible reboot


future phil Star Raviv Ullman has focused on other endeavors since the series ended in 2006, but he would be interested in playing Phil Diffy again if Disney called. The series only lasted two seasons but remains a fan favorite and is available to stream on Disney+. Ullman, who was billed professionally as Ricky Ullman, is now 36 and has only fond memories of directing the show.

“I will never say no,” said Ullman E! News when asked to make a future phil awakening on April 15. “We had such a good time. I’m not going to refuse, but I didn’t hear any rumble.”

future phil was created by Douglas Tuber and Tim Maile and made its Disney Channel debut in June 2004. Phil is a 15-year-old from 2121 who gets trapped in 2003 with his younger sister Pim (Amy Bruckner), mom Barbara (Lise Simms), and dad Lloyd (Craig Anton). Phil’s best friend is Keely Teslow (Alyson Michalka), who is the only person who knows that Phil and his family are from the future. Eventually, Keely and Phil became girlfriends and boyfriends.

Although 16 years have passed since the show ended, Ullman said he’s still in touch with his co-stars. “That team was so amazing,” he said, later adding, “They’ve become a family and we’re proud of what we’ve done.” It also follows Michalka and AJ Michalka’s musical career and tries to see them when they brag.

Ullman is still recognized as Phil, but usually by people who grew up watching future phil. “What I noticed now is that this is whoever was watching Disney Channel at the time,” he said. E! News. “So people who recognize me, it’s because this show is such a big part of their childhood. The expanse is a smaller group of people now but, in a way, it’s more meaningful. “

Ullman is busy with a music career today. After leaving acting, he joined Lolawolf, a band founded by Zoe Kravitz, as a drummer. They still keep in touch, with Ullman admitting to texting her right after she hosted Saturday Night Live. He currently directs an opera at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

“About a year ago, I worked as a director and actor in an opera web series. I don’t sing opera, but I acted in it,” Ullman said. E! News. “Since then, I’ve been drawn into this group of people who are all young, cool, hip opera makers. I didn’t know anything about the world before, but now I’m totally in love with it.”

The former actor also recently got engaged! He met host Julia Pott on an app. “I’m just smitten,” he gushed. “We have a nice little house together in Los Angeles, and we think about it as we go. Some crazy artists are just trying to do cool stuff.”


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