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Mid Pen Bang Corp

Donald F. Holt of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, has been appointed Interim Chief Financial Officer.

Holt will serve as Interim Chief Financial Officer, reporting to President and CEO Rory Ritrievi, who will lead the accounting, finance and finance functions. He also oversees the investment committees, oversees the ALCO and interest rate risk management processes, and is responsible for regulatory reporting processes with banks and brokerage firms.

Holt is an industry veteran and banking executive with over 25 years of experience in financial services, most recently Community Banks Inc. And was Chief Financial Officer of Keystone Financial Inc. Prior to that he was Chief of Staff of chartered accountant Ernst & Young.

Holt holds a BA in Accounting from Franklin & Marshall College and a BA in Chartered Accountant.

Katztown University

The Provost’s office has announced two acting appointments that will take effect on September 11. Dr. Michel Keek, Dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts, is the Acting Vice President of Extended and Lifelong Learning and the Dean of Graduate Studies. Dr. Bradley Shop, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts, will be the Acting Dean of the University.

Kiec has headed the College of Visual Arts at KU since 2017. She has developed a strategic plan and vision for the university, consisting of over 1,600 students and 120 faculty members in six faculties. She is highly qualified and continues to hire, retain and support a variety of full, tenure and term faculty.

In her interim role, Kiec works with the dean and faculty to enhance and extend graduate and extended learning offerings in a variety of modalities. She leads the analysis of market opportunities and challenges, facilitating the provision of additional educational opportunities to diverse learners inside and outside the region. In addition, it focuses on increasing enrollment in graduate and extended learning programs, meeting the needs of the local workforce and increasing the reputation and reach of the university. As an operational leader in higher and extended education programs, Kiec is a best practice to guide and support the development of effective teaching methods and practices for online and hybrid courses and to link new opportunities to offerings. current academics. Lead the study of.

Kiec has expanded its academic services to the Faculty of Visual Arts, including enrollment options for on-campus, hybrid, and online programs. She added associate certificates in various fields such as music business, social media theory and strategy, digital video production, television production, and redesigned graduate programs to earn a hand certificate. -work. I included it.

Kiec started in 2012 as associate dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts at the University of Kansas. She was also Dean of the Faculty of Education at KU in 2016. She is a frequent speaker in the areas of curriculum development, enrollment management, curriculum development, as well as student success and evaluation. Keek holds an MA and PhD in clarinet performance from the Peabody Institute at the Johns Hopkins University Conservatory. She holds a BA in Saxophone Performance and German from the University of Buffalo, New York.

Since arriving at KU in 2018, Shope has led student support initiatives at the University of the Visual Arts, including an early intervention program at the university. Working with the Dean, he managed university assessment and accreditation requirements, student recruitment and retention efforts, and faculty support programs. Shope has developed exchange programs and articulation contracts with international higher education institutions and has led a number of efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Shope came to KU from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2018 to be an Associate Professor and President of the Faculty of Music. He also teaches at St. John’s University and the University of North Texas.

Shope holds a BA in Percussion from Indiana University at Bloomington and a Doctorate in Philosophy in Popular Musicology from Indiana University at Bloomington. He has conducted a field survey on Indian popular music and has written two books on this subject. “Study of Indian Popular Music” (Oxford University Press, 2014) and “British Large American Popular Music” (University of Rochester Press Music Series Eastman Study, 2016).

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