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0728 – Lifting assistance on Valley View Street.

1147 – An elderly woman was stuck in an elevator on Hunt Avenue.

1238 – An officer quotes someone after a traffic stop at Money / Adams.

1404 – Report of a possible drunk driver swerving on Highway 29.

1559 – A 14-year-old orange cat has been reported missing on Grayson Avenue. He ran away on Christmas Eve because a relative’s dogs were visiting him.

1032 – Report of continued harassment from neighbors on Saint James Drive.

1100 – Police took a report on a fraudulent check.

1241 – An officer cited someone during a traffic stop on Main Street.

1322 – Someone received a fraudulent life insurance letter from France. They just wanted other people to know about the scam.

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1708 – A woman received a fraudulent phone call claiming to be from PG&E and threatening to cut off her power unless she paid $ 1,000. She almost paid the money, but then decided not to.

1717 – Boys reportedly jumped in front of cars at Spring Mountain / Elmhurst.

0304 – Police checked an occupied vehicle near Spring / Kearney.

1140 – An appellant’s bank told him his weekly unemployment benefits were deposited and then withdrawn immediately. He filed a claim with his bank, but they claimed they had done nothing wrong and told him he could appeal and file a police report. He estimated his losses at $ 50,000.

1444 – An officer cited someone during a traffic stop in Silverado / Deer Park.

1707 – Someone appears to have taken water from a fire hydrant on Pratt Avenue, leaving a trail of water leading to Route 29, then south.

2009 – Report of an intrusive person threatening on Park Street.

0307 – Following a traffic stop at Main / Hunt, police arrested a 37-year-old woman from Ontario, California on suspicion of driving without a license. She was cited and released.

1108 – Report of a dog barking for three hours on Avenue Andrea. The owner brought the dogs inside.

1244 – Police have emptied the pill kiosk in front of the police station.

1301 – Medical assistance to a man who fell down stairs and hit his head near a Main Street store.

1403 – Report of a car parked near Sulfur Springs / Rosebud for over six weeks.

1447 – Report of four teenagers running on the roof of a building on Adams Street.

1855 – Police asked Public Works to dispose of a dead wild animal near McCormick / Vintage.

2043 – An officer cleared a traffic cone from the northbound lane of Main Street near Hunt Avenue.

2100 – An officer assisted a motorist near Freeway 29 / Inglewood Avenue.

2325 – Report of a car alarm sounding on Hunt Avenue.

0103 – Amplified music had been playing for 10 p.m. on Hillview Place.

0811 – An officer cited someone during a traffic stop near Main / Mitchell.

0917 – An officer cited someone during a traffic stop on Main Street.

1211 – Medical assistance to a person injured in the foot on Sylvaner Avenue.

1342 – Report of possible construction taking place on a statutory holiday on Hillview Place.

1520 – Lifting aid for a woman with a broken ankle on Sylvaner Avenue.

2108 – Police received another noise complaint from Hillview Place. The caller said she would call back if the music continued after 10 p.m. She didn’t call back.

2154 – The street lights on the 1600 block of Main Street northbound had been off since Thanksgiving. The police notified Public Works.

2158 – An officer cited someone during a traffic stop on Highway 29.

2351 – Report of four people fighting on Main Street. The agents contacted the people, who did not want to file a complaint.

0811 – Plants were pulled from a window box on Main Street.

0921 – An officer cited someone during a traffic stop on Main Street.

0953 – Someone reported an agent who asked for the bus schedule.

10:15 a.m. – A water fountain was leaking near Hillview Place.

1747 – Report of a road collision near Highway 29 and Bella Oaks.

1910 – Police were asked to check to see if a man was lying on the ground near Hunt Avenue.

2234 – The sheriff’s office has asked for help responding to a disturbance near Glass Mountain / Sanitarium, with a man refusing to cooperate. An officer assisted with the K-9 unit.

0008 – Report of a drunk driver in a parking lot on Hunt Avenue. He would have had difficulty parking the vehicle. Police arrested the 44-year-old Angwin man on suspicion of impaired driving.

0858 – An officer cited someone during a traffic stop on Main Street.

0917 – Report of car parked on Hunt Avenue for several days.

1532 – Medical assistance to a man who fell and injured his knee on a property in Pope Street.

1546 – A miner reportedly destroyed his room and left his house, possibly heading to a store on Hunt Avenue.

1934 – Report of reckless driver on Highway 29, later turning onto Madrona Avenue.

5:30 am – An officer named someone during a traffic stop on Main Street.

Iraq War Veteran and St Helena native LJ Montelli talks about his new job as a St Helena Police Officer.

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