Reopening Status: San Francisco Sees Yellow Level


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco will likely transition to yellow-level reopening status next week based on its current case rates.

Although it does mean increased capacity of up to 50% for places such as gymnasiums, cinemas and entertainment centers. The main changes will concern bars and live shows.

This possible level shift comes after San Francisco narrowly missed the mark a few weeks ago, but now with updated metrics for state reopening levels.

San Francisco now qualifies to move forward as long as case rates remain the same.

San Francisco will likely move to yellow level status next week, meaning bars not serving food would be allowed to open indoors at 25% capacity for the first time since the start of the pandemic, according to state directives.

“With the food component gone, I know many bar owners breathe a huge sigh of relief at not having to eat anymore,” said Ben Bleiman.

Ben Bleiman, who owns several bars in San Francisco including Tonic, Soda Popinski’s and Teeth, says the yellow level change will help many bars in the city bounce back.

“Bar owners, we don’t have servers. We had to scramble to get all the logistics and materials needed to serve the food and some places nailed it, but others it was just a real hassle and cost a lot of money in labor, was costing a lot of money in equipment, then the customer experience was difficult so it’s very important to allow us to start doing what we’re doing again, which is selling drinks, ”said Bleiman.

The yellow level status would also allow live performance venues to increase their capacity.

However, most sites in the city say that is still not enough to operate at a profit.

“None of them are really open and the limited capacity means you spend more money on staff than you could earn at the door and at the bar,” said Devon Dossett.

Manager at DNA Lounge, Devon Dossett says like many other concert halls in town.

They don’t plan to open until after June 15, a target date California aims to fully reopen.

The level change comes after the state updated its reopening parameters for the yellow level to an adjusted rate of two COVID cases per 100,000 population, from the previous “yellow” level threshold of 1 case for 100,000 inhabitants.

“It makes sense. We are the municipality with the highest rate of first dose vaccines. We are at 70% of first dose vaccinations in the city of San Francisco. No other place has managed to reach this level. . The first national dose right now in the United States is 42.7%, which is so high that not only does it decrease transmissions, but it makes your cases really low. It makes your hospitalizations really low, ” said Dr Monica Gandhi.

The level shift would also come with good timing as San Francisco announced plans for outdoor high school graduation ceremonies on Tuesday.

While these activities are permitted under state guidelines, it is ultimately up to San Francisco to decide whether some or all of them will be permitted.

KRON4 contacted the health worker office on Tuesday and while they could not confirm what will or will not be allowed, they said they are currently working on yellow level plans.


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