Man trapped in Chase Bank; Broken car antenna as officers investigate attempted shoplifting


Man trapped in Chase Bank; Broken car antenna as officers investigate attempted shoplifting

A Spencer Place business owner reported that two customers attempted to leave the store in a tank top without paying for it on May 21. A store worker confronted the women and the top was returned. Police searched the center of the village for the suspects but could not find them. While responding to the reported shoplifting attempt and investigating on foot, police left a patrol car parked at Spencer Place and Harwood Court. The patrol returned to find its broken radio antenna.

Stolen bike
On May 21, a woman reported that her red bicycle had been stolen outside of Starbucks on East Parkway.

Identity theft
On May 13, a Mamaroneck Road caller reported that someone had made an authorized purchase of an Apple iPad Air, for $ 807.38, using their credit card.

Fraudulent unemployment claims
Two people have filed reports that fraudulent unemployment claims were filed on their behalf this week.

Criminal mischief
A Barry Road resident reported that young people pushed around his house shortly after 11 p.m. on May 19. The young people left in a car.

Washing machine
A caller directed police to a broken washing machine on the side of the Freightway garage on May 17. The appellant said he believed the washing machine may have been dropped from a higher level of the structure, but he did not witness it and had no idea. at what time this event could have occurred. The roads department has been notified for the pickup. Police have taken note of completing additional tours of the Freightway structure.

Someone called 911 to report that a woman was screaming hysterically near the station steps on May 17. The police found the woman and spoke to her. She said she spoke on the phone and apologized for any inconvenience. She refused to identify herself.

Stuck up
A man got trapped inside the lobby of the Chase Bank ATM on East Parkway on May 18. The police tried to open the door from the outside, but it was able to open. Firefighters helped open the company gate via an entrance on Popham Road. The man was released from the building to safety. The hall door appeared to be misaligned, which blocked it. Chase Bank maintenance staff have been notified of the repair.

A Spencer Place business owner said the children were in the store, refusing to wear their masks and refusing to leave on May 19. The police dispersed the children. The children were told they could return to the store if they were wearing masks.

On May 20, a woman called for police assistance on the East Parkway. She said she once had a verbal argument with an Uber driver over the route she traveled and the fact that she would be late for work. She asked the police to call her supervisor to explain the situation, while she waited for a taxi to finish driving her to work.

On May 20, an elderly woman was accidentally kicked out of her Lebanon Road home. Her husband was inside but did not answer the door. Police and firefighters managed to contact the husband who opened the door. The woman managed to regain access to her house.

A man who allegedly walked back and forth outside a house on Palmer Avenue was waiting for a family member to quit his job on May 21.

A caller reported that he was out for a walk around Brewster Road at 2:30 a.m. on May 22 when he passed two people near the library and said he tried to say hello to them, but they fled into the woods. . He thought it was suspicious and called the police. Police searched the area and found no one there.

Civil matter
On May 20, a resident of Brambach Road accused his neighbor’s contractor’s construction vehicles of damaging the asphalt in his driveway. The contractor said his workers did not back up into the resident’s driveway and cause the damage. Police informed the parties that this was a civil matter.

Cyclists hit
On May 17, a 16-year-old cyclist struck a car at Chesterfield Road and Brite Avenue. The driver of the car said she stopped at a stop sign and walked through the intersection. In doing so, the cyclist crossed the intersection and struck the side of his car. The cyclist was taken to White Plains Hospital.

Witnesses reported seeing a black Honda Accord strike a child riding a bicycle on Brookby Road at around 8 a.m. on May 19. The driver stopped and spoke to the child, and a witness also checked the child. The child did not appear visibly injured and he did not report any injuries. The police informed the college principal and the school nurse of the incident. They have been advised to contact the police if the child shows up.

Cars and roads
A caller reported that cars were running their engines and “baking donuts” in the back of Quaker Ridge School on May 17th. Police attended the scene and no cars were seen.

Police asked a driver to move his car and issued a warning because the driver had parked in a “no parking” zone on Spencer Place on May 18.

Greenburgh Police were told of a large pothole on Ardsley Road, following a driver complaint on May 18.

Police issued a summons to the owner of a car illegally parked on Post and Farley roads on May 18.

A patrol helped a driver change a flat tire in a parking lot on Heathcote Road on May 19.

Verizon has been made aware of a telephone wire that fell on Normandy Lane on May 19.

On May 19, a Bradley Road man reported that someone had struck his car parked on the street and left the scene. He thought maybe it was his neighbor; the police therefore followed the next day with the neighbor. The bumper of the neighbor’s car was damaged, but the neighbor said the damage was old and she “did not remember hitting a car”. She said she was busy with her job and that the police announced that she would come back later to fix the problem. On May 20, the man again called the police to ask for help with the mediation. The neighbor claimed she had nothing to do with the reported damage and was unwilling to have any further contact with the man about it. Police examined both cars and found only very minor damage. It was impossible to determine if the damage on each car was related. Police advised the parties to follow up with their insurance companies.

Double-parked delivery drivers in DeCicco Market were instructed to follow traffic and parking rules on May 20. Police issued a warning.

Police stopped overweight trucks on Heathcote Road and warned drivers to have crossed the Heathcote Road bridge on the bypass as that crossing was prohibited due to weight restrictions for the bridge on May 21.

Police called a tow for a broken down car on Fox Meadow Road on May 21.

Con Edison was told of a power outage due to a branch fallen on wires on Greenacres Avenue on May 21.

Police called a tow for a broken down car at Heathcote Road and Morris Lane on May 23. Police remained on site until the car was towed away.

The bees
A man from Chemin Richelieu reported a “swarm of bees” around a tree in the village on May 17th. Police examined the bees and the tree and determined that the bees posed no immediate danger to the public as they were located about 25-30 from the ground. near the top of the tree. The man also reported that a neighbor on Madison Road “kept bees”. The police went to the house to verify the complaint and saw a small bee enclosure. The village lawyer was told to follow up to see if the compound violated village codes or zoning regulations.

Police closed a Post Road lane with an injured owl in the middle of the road on May 18. Police placed the owl in a cardboard box while waiting for it to be picked up by an animal rescuer.

A turtle was reported on the Duck Pond and Heathcote roads on May 21. Police safely removed the turtle from the road.

Village code
On May 19, police responded to a noise complaint about loud music coming from a house in Stratton Road. The owner said the music would be off soon.

Police dispersed children playing basketball on a court on Huntington Avenue after dark on May 19.

On May 21, a Paddington Road resident reported that dust was covering his home and property, allegedly due to the construction of a neighbor’s house. The resident said he believed it was a violation of the village code. Police attended the scene. Police found no signs of construction nearby, nor found an alarming amount of “dust”.

On May 21, police advised a Garth Road business owner to turn down the loud music due to a complaint.

Police informed a Brewster Road resident that a neighbor complained about the noise after midnight on May 22. The resident said she would enter the house with her small gathering.

Lost and found
On May 17, a person entered the headquarters and reported a missing license plate.
One person found a cell phone and brought it to headquarters on May 19. Police located the owner and facilitated the return of the phone.

On May 23, a woman from Secor Road said she lost a diamond earring, possibly at Wynmor Park on May 19.

On May 18, firefighters shut down a faulty gas stove that would not turn off at a house on Lebanon Road and advised the owner to replace the appliance.

On May 19, a gas leak was detected from a gas fireplace in a house on Park Road. Firefighters shut off the gas valve to the fireplace and advised the resident to call for repairs.

On May 22, firefighters defended Con Edison at the site of a burning power line branch on Greenacres Avenue.

This report covering the activities of the police and firefighters from May 17 to 23 was compiled from official information.

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