Live music finally returns to Target Center with 93X’s “Family Reunion” concert


Sometimes being an adult means doing something that maybe you’re not really interested in, but you’re doing it anyway because you owe your young self to make a dream come true that he never had the chance to make.

Seeing Shinedown and Seether perform at Target Center for 93X’s “Family Reunion” show Friday night, the hall’s first live musical performance in over 18 months, was just that.

If you had told Justin, 14, that Seether and Shinedown would be performing together on the same night in my town, and that I would have the pleasure of seeing this show, I would have lost my mind.

Justin, 26, who writes this review (otherwise known as the one who has had an incredibly stressful work week and still has a plethora of things to accomplish on his days off this weekend because, you know, he’s an adult now) was much less excited about attending last night’s performance, however.

However, in honor of the incredibly irritable, hormonal, sarcastic and terribly depressed teenager who was walking around the house shouting the words “Fake It” and promising to get a tattoo of the lyrics to “If You Only Knew” on his arm one day to prove how much he loved his then-girlfriend for maybe six weeks, I knew what to do.

I arrived on the scene just as Mammoth WVH was wrapping up what seemed like an absolutely stunning performance that was very well received by a still scarce, but quite energetic crowd.

For those who don’t know, the “WVH” in Mammoth WVH stands for Wolfgang Van Halen, also known as the son of legendary guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen.

I was actually quite disappointed that I ended up missing most of their set, but (badly) luckily I was sitting next to a self-proclaimed “mega fan” who was more than happy to educate me on what was going on. I had missed.

The following is, verbatim, what Roger (who later that night would attempt to cast a “FUCK JOE BIDEN” chant between each song during the Shinedown set… ??) had to say about Mammoth WVH’s performance :

“They broke down, mate! It tears itself apart, that’s really all. You know, it has that sound that you love. And skills! The skills, man. It was so cool to see him. Rest in peace to Eddie, man. It was so disappointing. I saw Van Halen in 2007! So wild! It was cool too.

So this is Mammoth WVH, I guess? Who knows, fucking Roger sucked.

Then it was Seether, and, in an effort to be as honest as possible, I felt they delivered a hollow, uninspired, totally flat performance.

Speaking like someone who had never seen them before, I wanted nothing more than to revisit my youth and enthusiastically sing the lyrics to songs like “Gasoline”, “Country Song” and “Remedy” with Shaun Morgan and company, but was instead presented with a seemingly indifferent group, going halfway through the motions and counting the minutes until they could say goodbye and call it a night.

The best way to wrap up their performance is to say that if you walked into Target Center last night as a die-hard Seether fan, you were probably fine with what you have, but they certainly didn’t do anything to persuade anyone to come home and give Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum listening on Spotify.

I mean, honestly, if you can’t seem to find the motivation to put energy into a performance after we’ve all been stuck inside our homes for a year and a half, it might be. time to move on? Very disappointing.

The part of the night that excited me the most was, of course, Shinedown. Unlike the previous act of the night, I actually got to see Shinedown perform live on a few occasions, so I had at least an idea of ​​what to expect.

If you’re not familiar with the band (which … why are you still reading this then?) Lead vocalist Brent Smith, in my opinion, has one of the most awesome vocals I’ve ever had. opportunity to experiment live. .

I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that the voice you hear on the records of many of your favorite bands … sound even better when standing on a stage right in front of you?

I vividly remember stumbling across this exact YouTube video as a kid and being totally blown away by the power he had behind his voice and the sheer emotion that could be felt in those words.

And as a leader, Smith is bursting with charisma, understands perfectly where his group fits in the current musical landscape (AKA is not bitter, does not hesitate to revisit the hits and is not afraid to turn it upside down. little), and the band is fully committed to putting on a performance that people will want to relive.

Over the group’s 90-plus minutes, they fiercely ripped apart hits from their nearly two-decade career, including “45” from their debut album. Leave a whisper, 2008’s “Second Chance” and “If You Only Knew” crowd favorites The sound of madness, and more recent radio hits like “MONSTERS” and “Cut The Cord” from their two most recent records.

Of course, that famous cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” is still a staple of the Shinedown show, and while Brent certainly became a bit more reserved in his performance and didn’t flex his vocal muscles as much as before, he was. still an absolutely delicious rendition that will live on in iPhone video galleries for years to come.

So that was 93X’s “Family Reunion” gig with a guy I hadn’t seen named Ayron Jones, Mammoth WVH, Seether and Shinedown. I’m sure this wasn’t quite the show Target Center would have loved to celebrate their first gig in over 18 months with, but it is.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re reading this… fuck yourself, Roger.

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