Little Nightmares 2 Part 8 – Pink Door Puzzles, Music Box


You’ve seen it on the horizon throughout your adventure, but now it’s time for Mono to step into the mysterious lighthouse.

It’s already obvious that there is more to the Magic Building than it seems, but as the finale of Little Nightmares 2 draws near, there are still plenty of puzzles in store.

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Little Nightmares 2 Part 8 – Pink Door Puzzles

From the glowing lighthouse entrance, continue walking down the hallway, then through the door at the end.

In this floating room, walk towards the door in front of you, then in the other which opens.

On the other side, go up the stairs and enter the next hallway.

Go back through the door you just went through and you will appear on the other side.

Now go back to this side and go through this door again and you will appear in a new hallway.

There are three doors here: one with an eye facing forward, one with an eye up, and one with an eye on a pedestal.

Walk through the middle one, the peely door with one eye looking up.

In the next room, go through the only open door on the left and go up the stairs.

Throughout the next series of puzzles, your objective is to go through the glowing pink door whose music you can clearly hear.

So, in the room at the top of the stairs, open the door to the other side of the room by pushing it.

Then go through the door at the top left, then the one at the top right, and finally the door at the bottom right (where you entered).

Go up another staircase and in the next hallway, push the board marked white in the middle of the floor to fill the gap.

Now go through the door at the bottom right of the corridor. Then come back on the board and go through the second door on the left.

Finally, bite into the hallway to the door which is the third on the left.

Go up the last staircase and you are in another hallway. Go straight ahead to the half-open door on the other side of the hallway.

Smash the music box

Walk towards the music box, then back down Six. Call her a few times, then you’ll have room to walk around and grab the mallet from across the room.

Now crush the music box by hitting it three times.

Run and jump to the next area along the linear path, jump and grab the vent at the end.

After ventilation, hide under the table in the middle of the room. Follow Six through the door when it is open.

In the next hallway, run around the corner and grab the ax – use it to open the door.

Inside, you have to call Six again to pull him away from the music box and crush him with the ax.

However, when you call now, she will attack you.

Use the purple doors on either side of the room to warp from side to side – calling it on one side, then immediately warping on the other.

This will send him to the side where you’re not, leaving the music box open for you to rush in and attack with the ax.

When you regain control in the next scene, run forward and you’ll see another ax in a door that you can grab.

Use it to smash the door and you are in another boss arena.

Here grab the ax and run to the door in the upper left corner of the room and call out, then run through the door – as Six attacks from that side, rushes over and hits the music box with the ax.

When you regain control, repeat the same process again.

This time the ax is not at hand. Call her next to the door you just passed through, then go through her. As Six attacks this side of the room, jump to where the ax is, then quickly descend.

Now, stand next to the door at the top right, call, then go through the door and dash to the left to attack the music box.

When you regain control, pull the ax out of the ground, then approach. When you’re close, but not too close for Six to hit you, call and tap the music box.

After the first explosion, take the ax again and start again.

Follow Six’s example in the next section, running and jumping where she does to avoid obstacles.

However, be careful of the part where you have to jump on a ruined platform right after a door falls. Here, wait a second for the platform you are standing on to come close to the other side, then take the jump.

Continue your escape by grabbing Six’s hand for a last minute rescue, then watch the scene unfold.

When you regain control, walk to the right as usual until you reach a lighted chair.

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