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Kingdom Hearts 3 takes the player through an array of wacky worlds, each filled with enemies to fight, secrets to find, and characters to meet. One of the highlights is the world of Toy Box, which brings players back to Woody, Buzz, and Toy Story. This is one of the more action-packed offerings, and due to its vast, sprawling surroundings, it’s easy to get lost. Have no fear, for you have a friend in me. In this Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Box Walkthrough , we will guide you step by step through the level and detail the chests, the locations of the map and the solutions to some of the puzzles.

Toy Box Walkthrough

And we head to Andy’s bedroom to team up with Buzz and Woody and fight the forces of evil. There are a few secrets to find and a labyrinthine mall to walk through. We’ll walk you through all of this, and more, below.

ABOUT SPOILERS: In our Kingdom Hearts 3 walkthroughs, we’ll introduce the gameplay for each level, highlighting enemies and tasks. We’re not going to explain or even mention the cutscene story rhythms, although there are minor spoilers in boss names etc. Proceed with caution if you are trying to stay completely intact.

Defeat the enemies that are around you when you spawn. After the cutscene, head under Andy’s bed to find a chest.

Then you need to head outside, over the rooftops, and across the street. This will take you to the toy store. Upon arrival, you will need to take down some Giga fighters.

There are three types of Gigas to face. Red, blue and purple. Red used a special charge move. Blue uses cluster bombs and purple uses precision laser.

Once the Gigas are down, head to the pinball machine. There is a chest containing the map of the region. Use the spring in the center to go up, then go up on the orange rail.

Go to the toy store and shoot down the enemies inside. There is a fighting toy in the center of the shop where you can get a chest.

Your next stop is the vents on the northeast side of the room. Use the platforms to get there. Keep moving through the vents until you reach a fan. The fan will blow you up. Let it happen at the highest level. There is a chest up there.

Go back down and dodge in the other ledge area. You will find a Taxi mini-game and a chest in this lower path. Save your game and move on to the upper vents. You’ll have to run to the end of a ventilated hallway, waiting for the fan to stop to hide. You can ignore the turrets.

You will exit in the Babies and toddlers section. There are ingredients on the left and a chest in the gray duct on the ceiling. Beat the enemies below, then use the toys to bounce off the platform on the roof. There is a safe here. There is another chest above the crate.

Irrelevant frog toy box

Head to the Musical Toads section of the store to trigger a cutscene. Go up to the record player and run on it to listen to music. You will then be asked which toad is out of place. It’s blue.

Where’s Hamm?

Hamm can be a little tricky to locate in this area, but once you’ve triggered the Blue Frog it becomes a lot easier. Hamm is hiding in the dollhouse, so interact with her to get him out.

The next section is about fighting a ghost girl. It’s an easy fight, especially if you use attractions. Then go up to the 3rd floor using the blue rail, then to the wood block store to the south. Destroy the UFO, the blue Gigas is effective here. Head for the exit. A cutscene will play, after which you need to return to the 3rd floor and go to the video game store, spot another cutscene. Destroy all the Gigas again, then go to the Outdoor Babies and Toddlers section. Climb through the small window, where you will enter an area with boulders. You have to go up to these green blocks and interact with them. This creates a platform for you to climb.

Now go to Jungle Jim at the end of the room. Head upwards to trigger enemies. Defeat the enemies, then drop back down. There are chests here, which are shown in the pictures below.

The final chest can be found by going down the pipe shown in the picture below and turning left. Once you’ve done that, hop into a Giga and climb to the top of Jungle Jim. There are blocks for you to move to the top. Slide the hose you just unlocked, then use Flowmotion to move the vacuum around the bale pit. This will reveal a chest.

Your final destination is a room under the structure you are building. You’ll find the last set of blocks here, so put them in place, then scale your creation. Go through the vent then use the shop and the save point. Interact with the upcoming portal.

UFO boss battle

The last thing to do in the world of Toy Story is to fight the UFO boss. Use the inflatable toys to get up and land on his head. Attacking here will do a ton of damage. It’s best to stay out of the way while he’s moving, and if you can trigger the special Blaster move, be sure to use the boosters to get your head in sight.

This Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Story guide is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our guide content, as we’ll bring you in-depth information about each world in the game. We’ve put it all together in our Kingdom Hearts 3 guides hub. , so head over there for more info.

That’s all you need to know about the world of Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts 3. For more on Kingdom Hearts, why not check out our Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem Locations guide.


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