Do New York restaurants offer free steak dinners?


Many New Yorkers are excited by a story that a popular restaurant offers four free steaks and drinks.

A Texas Roadhouse scam is back on social media. The Texas Roadhouse scam that started in September is back this month. The post claims “A steak dinner for four vouchers for everyone!”

A Facebook post from a fake Texas Roadhouse page says people who like and share the post will receive a free “four-drink steak dinner” voucher.

Texas Roadhouse Facebook

The message says:

I’m Henry .J Rogers, CEO of Texas Roadhouse. I know times have been tough lately so to help everyone I’ll be sending out a voucher to anyone who enjoys shares and comments by November 8 at 2:30 p.m. Each voucher can be used at any Texas Roadhouse towards a Steak dinner for four with drinks included.

As of this writing, the post has been shared over 12,000 times. Hudson Valley Post noticed that the post was shared by several residents of the Hudson Valley.

Most of those who comment on the post hoping for a free steak dinner receive this response:

Your voucher will be sent to you shortly, but you must complete the validation process. Share this post with 4 groups. Once finished, we need 24 hours to create your code Thank you.

Texas Roadhouse Facebook

I’ll be honest I saw this post shared by a friend and was excited! However, while working in the news, I assumed this deal was too good to be true.

This is unfortunately the case. My first suspicion was that the Texas Roadhouse page has a handful of @ fansTexasRoadhouses21.

Another clue is the name of the Facebook page. The fake page is “Texas Roadhouse’s” not Texas Roadhouse. The real Texas Roadhouse page is “Texas Roadhouse” and the page has a verified blue check mark.

Another thing that caught my eye is that the “Texas Roadhouse” Facebook page is liked by 3,000 people. The real Texas Roadhouse page has almost 3 million likes.

The real Texas Roadhouse Facebook page also has a pinned post alerting customers to the scam:

A scam is circulating on Facebook offering Texas Roadhouse meal vouchers and other benefits to our customers who share their posts. This account attempts to access personal information.
Texas Roadhouse posts will be sent from this page, which is and has the verified blue check mark next to our name.
If you see a suspicious post in your feed offering free Texas Roadhouse vouchers, please do not click on the links and do not share with your friends. We have reported the scammers and hope this will be removed soon. We know this confuses our loyal guests and Roadies.

The scam started in late September and has apparently returned. In late September, Snopes found at least 13 different Facebook accounts with different versions of the same Texas Roadhouse scam.

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