Digital music festival honors talented musicians


The 2021 International Digital Music Festival, which was hosted this month by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and music production company Unisonar, provided a platform for educational institutions, businesses and local governments to to exchange ideas and cooperate in the field of digital music.

Activities, including seminars and a game music competition, were organized. David Soltany from France won first prize in the original game music competition.

Chinese Gao Yuzhe and Chen Yixuan shared the second prize, while American Andrew Osano, Spaniard Norman Gabriel Gomez Ballester and French Hugo Heynard took third prize.

The competition received 353 original works from all over the world.

A total of 14 candidates were selected after a preliminary assessment to participate in the final, in which the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra performed the new pieces created by each finalist.

Unisonar also invited icons from the global industry to sit on the jury for the final. They included Thomas Parisch, musical director of Unisonar and two-time Hollywood Music in Media award-winning musician; and Christopher Young, a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated composer.

Ti Gong

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra performed live works by each of the 14 finalists.


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