DICE announces two new Battlefield games in development


Since the end of active development of post-launch content for Battlefield V in the summer of 2020, DICE has offered very little information on its plans for the franchise. Now, however, the studio has announced not just one but two new Battlefield games that are currently in development; one that will arrive on PC and consoles, and another on mobile.

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So far, DICE has not revealed much detailed information about these new projects, other than that they are in active development. Game titles, for example, are always secret. “I promise we have a LOT to show you in the coming months.” […]” writes Oskar Gabrielson, CEO of DICE, in the announcement blog post; “And we can’t wait to show it to all of you.”

For starters, Gabrielson confirms the rumors that surfaced six months ago; that the next Battlefield game is slated for release during the 2021 holiday season. The blog indicates that this game’s development team is the largest ever for a Battlefield game, as DICE is working on the project with Criterion, DICE LA and EA Gothenburg. According to this update, the game is already in the play-testing phase with the development team focusing on balance and polish. Gabrielson describes the game as “A daring step” for the franchise. Beyond that, no details were revealed, although he does hint that the official reveal will be available soon.

The second Battlefield game in active development is an upcoming Battlefield mobile game; the first of its kind. This project is currently in development at Industrial Toys, who would work closely with DICE, who would have prototyped the project for “years”.

According to Gabrielson, this game will arrive on smartphones and tablets sometime in 2022. It will be a standalone game rather than a mobile version of the upcoming Battlefield 2021 title. “It’s built from the ground up by iToys to make Battlefield-on-the-go a reality,” explains Gabrielson; “And you can expect a full-fledged skills-based experience.”


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