Babymetal has released a mysterious new music video teasing the ‘Metalverse’


Less than a year after Babymetal announced they were planning to “fade from sight” after celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Kawaii metal stars have released a mysterious new trailer that seems to tease a new chapter in their careers. .

The 58-second clip features glitchy futuristic footage featuring the faces of current members Su-metal and Moametal, set to atmospheric electronic music.

“On October 10, 2021, a decade after BABYMETAL descended on this earth, their 10-year-old legend was sealed from the world.

“The fossilized metal spirits have left the dystopian world where chaos still continues and are still traveling through the metal galaxy.

“However, with the advent of the METALVERSE virtual world, a new chapter is about to begin.

“Thanks to the METALVERSE, a restoration project called THE OTHER ONE will reveal a side of BABYMETAL we never knew existed.”

A disembodied voice then said, “This is BABYMETAL’s ‘other’ story.”

A link on the band’s YouTube page leads to an online store that’s taking pre-orders for something called “The Other One – Black Box,” which will ship from April 22, according to the website.

It’s unclear if this is a new single, the follow-up to 2019 metallic galaxy album, or something else entirely.

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