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Alexander Rybak sang the song “Fairytale” in everyone’s hearts at the Melody and Eurovision Grand Prix in 2009. In the time following the Grand Prix victory, many wondered what “adventure” Rybak was talking about. .

Dagbladet was the first newspaper to report that the girl he sang to was musician Ingrid Berg Mehus. The two became together when they were violin students at the Barat Due Conservatory of Music in Oslo. The relationship lasted a year before ending.

So come home to mom and dad

Rybak, his former Mahus, has been called “the best fascination with young people”.

12 years after the release of “Fairytale”, the two will perform on stage together again. In December, they will take part in the “Silent Night, Holy Night” Christmas tour.

– We are good friends

Mehus participated in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2019 with the song “Feel”, and worked for several years as a violinist in a nightclub. During the engagement, she sought advice from Rybak.

Along with Ron Larsen, Maria Hokas Mettet and Hans Marius Hof Mettet, she and Ryback will take a Christmas tour of church halls across the country.

Looking to the future: Ingrid Berg Mihus, along with others including former Alexander Ryback, will be hosting Christmas parties this year. Here is a performance at the Melody Grand Prix in 2019. Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB
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Mihos can’t wait to get the public in the Christmas mood.

– I’m really looking forward to it. I hope a lot of people will come. Mehus tells Se og Hør that he now dreamed that it could be a full-fledged church when it started.

When asked what she thinks about playing with Rybak over the Christmas holidays, she replied:

was the girl

Was it the secret girl from the “fairy tale”: get advice from Rybak

– I think it’s very convenient. He’s a nice guy to work with. We’re good friends, says Mihos.

The two will also have a duet together over the Christmas holidays.

– We’ll have a couple. I can’t say anything but that it will be a duo of gunpowder.

Alexander Rybak was interviewed about what it was like to win the Eurovision Song Contest and the Melody Grand Prix, at the same time he felt sad.
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Do not participate at the beginning

However, not all Christmas celebrations will be where the two duo perform. Rybak won’t be on stage until December 8. That’s because he’s studying film music in Chicago, producer Tor Arne Ranghus told Se og Hør.

– Mehs says he will be a bit like Jalal Wahid in the first part.

She is also looking forward to taking the stage with husband and wife Mettet and Ron Larsen.

Now get married "Fairy tale"-Eksen Sig

Now will marry the ex “fairy tale”

– They are wonderful people. This is my third year of touring with them. It’s a huge gracious and it’s a beautiful group. We laugh, we have a good time and we have fun on stage. Mihos says, I hope the people in the lobby will notice that too.

See and Hear attempted to contact Alexander Rybak, but so far unsuccessful.

reveal: In a Facebook and Instagram post, Alexander Rybak wrote that he had been addicted to antidepressants and sleeping pills for 11 years. Photo credit: Thomas Andersen / TV 2
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I gathered them

It was producer Tor Arne Ranghus who wanted Rybak and Mehus to perform together. Mehs is greatly appreciated.

– She is also an excellent violinist. She’s a great girl to go around. It’s always good to have positive and happy people, Ranghus tells Se og Hør.

- The brave Ryback is back

– The brave Ryback is back

After a long period of coronavirus restrictions, it looks like the church hall may be full. Rangos says it still seems like some audiences are a bit reluctant to buy tickets.

A significant portion of our audience is over 55 years old. It looks pretty good this year, but someone seems to be holding back a bit. Rangos says there are reservations against buying tickets, but hopefully it will work.

The What’s more: Press wheel tricked


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