A 2 minute walk to Old Orchard Beach for around $ 100 a night? Yes


After everything you’ve been through in the past year, you deserve a beach getaway, even if it’s only for a few nights. Not a day trip to Popham Beach or Ogunquit Beach, a real beach vacation. You know … Long rides in the waves, rides on the Ferris wheel, pizzas at one of those vendor stands and listening to live music in a beach bar.

So what’s stopping you from booking a trip to Old Orchard Beach? The cost? Crowds? Lack of parking? If you plan your trip well, these things won’t be a problem.

Instead of planning your trip for July or August, plan to visit in late spring. You will avoid the crowds of speedo tourists and save money.

Honestly, you can get by for a lot less than you think.

At Airbnb, you can rent an entire condo starting at $ 130 per night.

Perfect for a quick getaway, the condo sleeps up to three (but it can get a bit crowded with three adults) and is just a short walk to the beach, Brunswick, and Palace Playland.

The unit has a full kitchen, a shared porch (where you can enjoy the evening ocean breeze), a laundromat, high speed internet connection, two equipped TVs of Roku and a parking space.

Of course, like many Airbnb offers in tourist areas, the price fluctuates depending on the time of year. Throughout the month of May, it’s $ 130 per night. In June, July and August, the rate climbs between $ 220 and $ 230 per night. But, honestly, even at $ 230 a night, it’s a pretty good deal.

Check out this Old Orchard Beach condo

Fancy spending a few nights at OOB? This condo is located a short walk from the beach and is generally very affordable. Check it out on Airbnb

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